Selling and its FB page


I’m selling my website and its Facebook page. It has been a great ride, but it’s time for me to leave Taiwan at the end of June. Even if I come back to Taiwan in the future, I’ll not be doing reviews. Therefore, I’m selling it to the highest bidder for at least NT$10,000. You can do all the things that I never did: attach it to your widget or other business endeavor, use the website’s clout to get free food or more, riddle it full of ads to make a stream of revenue. The website uses a platform called Weebly, which makes it very easy to create new content and allows for Google AdSense or whatever online ad company you want to use (you can also mix it up and use more than a couple). The website averages between 6,000 to 9,000 weekly views. I just took a screenshot of my website’s traffic statistics and posted it below. I’ll be posting this message in various other places on the Internet. E-mail Jaysun Eats Taipei’s FB page if you’re interested in acquiring the website and the FB page.