Selling on Amazon UK or Europe from Taiwan

Hi there, I’m looking for advice on how to sell Taiwanese-based products on Amazon, either in the US or, preferably, in Europe. More specifically, dropshipping. I have quite a few questions, so I thought I’d post some here so that, if anyone has some good answers, this thread can help others who want to get started:

  1. Can buyers from Europe/US pay into a Taiwanese bank account?
  2. When a sale is made on Amazon, can you ship it using the local post office? Does it need official Amazon shipping/packaging etc?
  3. For Europe, how is VAT calculated?

I know Amazon shows rates for taxes, sales etc, and some information is available on Google, but I’d love to hear from someone in Taiwan, who has experience in this field, rather than just read off the Amazon website or American blogs/web pages. If anyone has successfully set up an Amazon ecommerce store on Amazon, I’d really appreciate some advice, tips, things to be wary of etc. Cheers and stay safe.

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Keoni thanks

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oops, didn’t read that part :laughing:

But I’m curious if you’ve already read the documentation on Amazon? There’s a lot of material to cover. But it’s necessary to know.

Yeah I’ve read it all, I’ve read blogs, watched vlogs, and done a fair bit of research. There is info from foreigners selling from other countries to USA/Europe, and there are some Taiwanese on YouTube etc who sell on Amazon, but my Chinese isn’t always good enough to fully understand what they say, and I was just hoping that someone here might be able to share their personal experience, good or otherwise, using Amazon to sell from Taiwan.