Selling on Shopee

I am trying to register my personal info on Shopee to be able to sell something. It keeps giving me the error message to try again later. Are foreigners allowed to register as seller? Is it the ID format crap again?

I regularly use it to sell stuff, could you perhaps show the exact page of the website/app you’re having trouble with?

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I have problem with Shopee too. Tried to register an account and it keeps giving me error message too.

I think Shopee has incompetent IT staff.


I am outside now and will try again tonight. Will post the error message then.

Seconded, I have an account, wasn’t particularly difficult to sign up.

You are forced to choose how you want to sell on the Taiwan site - as an individual or as a company

Btw, shout out to Genie Yeh for putting up video tutorials in English on how to sell to Taiwan on Shopee