Selling property while overseas & selling joint property

Hi all,

Is it possible to sell property (in Taipei) while being outside of Taiwan? The ‘house deed’ is kept by my brother-in-law and he will not let us access his security deposit box. Is it still possible to hire an agent to place our apartment on the market? I’m assuming we will have to go back to Taiwan to sign the papers once the apartment has a buyer. Does anyone know the procedure or what documents we may need in order to sell our property? I think we will have to claim the house deed as being lost and have a another one sent, is this possible without being in Taiwan?

We are also wondering if it is easy for his brother to do a land title transfer? Since we are no longer in Taiwan, we are worried that his brother may transfer the title under his name since he probably has a duplicate stamp, although he doesnt have the original ID card.

My husband also has a commercial property which is jointly owned by himself and his brother. There were no set rules as to selling the property as the property was left to them when their father passed away. By default, the property value was split amongst the two sons. Is it possible for my husband to sell his share of the property? Can we hire an agent or lawyer for this? Does his brother have to agree with the sale of my husband’s share? How does joint property work?

Thank you so much for your advice and input!

If you are considering buying a property on a development, it is likely that the vendors of the development will offer the services of their lawyers. In order to ensure that you are receiving completely independent advice, you should consider whether or not your position would be better protected by appointing your own lawyer.