Selling Time

Would you relive you worst day?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends
  • Fwak that!

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This is Tom Cruise’s lastest movie in pre-production. Which means the details are still being hammered out.

So, if you could relive the worst day of your life, what would it be and what would you do, given that you could keep the wisdom you have now about it. Details please…

Nope. There’s nothing I could possibly do to change the course of the day someone dear to me died of natural causes, and it be selfish to make the attempt considering that it was damn near an ideal way for him to go.

Other bad days in which I made big time mistakes? No. But there have been times when I would have given a lot to forget the error if I could hold on to the lesson learned.

In the long run, making the mistake of not acting concerns me more than having everything go sideways. Some mistakes are tough to overcome: not having lived is impossible.

I tend to think my worst day has yet to come. Keeps me on my toes.

I almost didn’t survive the worst day of my life, reliving it might get me killed. Why would I trade 7 years for that?

On second thought, it might have been the best day of my life since I survived.

Yep I certainly don’t want to relive that particular episode… You have to qualify what worst day of your life means… If It’s some shite Hollywood set up where our hero is late for work, a stray dog pisses on his leg/ Oh no! I forgot to pick up Jack from day-care! Oh hilarity! sort of scenario… then that doesn’t count.

Worst day of my life was the day I met my ex. But of course I didn’t realize it at the time.

Your worst day so far. I used to get a lot of comfort from the fact that I’d already lived my worst day, but then I realised I just lacked imagination. The world is far more randomly malign than we can suppose.

My worst day wasn’t that bad; I was pretty drugged up. But ‘Evil is in the aftermath’.

I thought I died once… but that was one of my most favorite days (though it’d probably look like a worst day in a movie.)

Wait… reading that again, does that mean he gives up 7 years to live one bad day, or does he gain 7 more years?

I don’t have a memorable bad day. Does that make me optimistic or lucky?