Selling used books?

Is there a place in Taipei (such as a used book store) to sell used books (and English books in particular)? I have some stuff I’d like to unload.


one in shilin and another in gongguan.

…or is there a place to donate used English books?

Have you thought about the Taipei Public Library? The main branch, across from Da’an Park, has a decent collection of English books. They might appreciate receiving donated material. Or they might not, but it might be worth a try.

Is anyone still looking to donate used books in English?

I’m trying to build an English language library for my highschool. We are starting a new program for students from international backgrounds as well as attempting to expand our bilingual Education. I had the idea of creating an English language section in the library. So the more books of any genre the better. Thank you!


Hey are you still looking for English books? Have loads I’d like to get rid of. Tried to PM you but not sure how, are you able to PM me?

I am but I’m currently on vacation until February 13 so unfortunately I can’t collect any books until then. You can also drop them off at the high school if it’s convenient. I’ll message you directly