Sen. Bernie Sanders says he's running for president in 2020

Sure, you can say that.
AND I will not have a conniption sheet over it.
Life moves on, but it certainly has not for TDSers, I guess.

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Do you have a source for this?

I’m not going to take the time to find one, if that’s the question.

I looked into this slightly last night, and it seems that Sanders is waffling. It’s not important enough (to me) to chase it down, less decisive anyway.

The “proof” of this type of thing that has been provided so far is from Project Veritas, a right-wing activist group that uses hidden cameras to “expose” the supposed evil intentions of liberal groups & politicians.

Are there some nutjobs in the Sanders campaign? I’m sure there are.

Were some equally nutty Project Veritas hacks able to capture said Sanders nutjobs in hidden camera conversations about armed revolutions? I’m sure they were.

Does this mean Sanders and his campaign are secretly angling for a bloody Central American style communist revolution which will leave the landowners beheaded and families starving on the streets?

Uh… no.

It’s a mystery to me why people these days are so eager to gobble up fringe craziness such as Project Veritas, but there you have it.

Personally, I seek the simplest explanations. Ask your average Sanders supporter why they support Sanders and it’s because they like his positions: Medicare For All and a Green New Deal. Nothing complicated or conspiratorial about that, and nothing to do with gulags.


As I pointed out above, PV is listened to because the MSM is no longer willing to do investigative reporting on Democrats. If the NYT were willing to report the excesses of Sanders campaign staffers, I think you’d find that Project Veritas would go right back to the fringe of things.

Yes, as I’ve pointed out above you’re not alone in your unwillingness to take Sanders at his word. Your position is similar to that of many who choose to downplay or ignore Sanders lifelong political stances. So far lots of Democrats are happy to squint their eyes and move on from his past, even if he has doubled down within the last week.

From a house conservative of the NYT, David Brooks, one of the few writers there that I miss. The good news is that this piece has a massive reader response, which means the Democrat party is listening.

Now I have to decide if I’d support Bernie Sanders over Trump.

We all start from personal experience. I covered the Soviet Union in its final decrepit years. The Soviet and allied regimes had already slaughtered 20 million people through things like mass executions and intentional famines. Those regimes were slave states. They enslaved whole peoples and took away the right to say what they wanted, live where they wanted and harvest the fruits of their labor.

And yet every day we find more old quotes from Sanders apologizing for this sort of slave regime, whether in the Soviet Union, Cuba or Nicaragua. He excused the Nicaraguan communists when they took away the civil liberties of their citizens. He’s still making excuses for Castro.

To sympathize with these revolutions in the 1920s was acceptable, given their original high ideals. To do so after the Hitler-Stalin pact, or in the 1950s, is appalling. To do so in the 1980s is morally unfathomable.

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Bernie is out.

I have mixed feelings on this. He is an anti-Semitic supporter of totalitarian regimes, and so the argument against socialism should have been easier to win with him as the head. But he also was a semi-populist (especially before this election) who could have garnered favor among some Trump supporters. Without a decisive defeat in an election, it’s likely that a new socialist who isn’t as obviously odious will emerge and actually put a less ridiculous face on socialism, and that person may actually move American discourse or win an election.

Born and raised in a Jewish household in Brooklyn. He is not anti-semitic. This is false.

In other words, a politician whose career has spanned decades. He is not a supporter of totalitarian regimes by any metric in honest political discourse.

He is the only true populist American politician on the big stage.


So sad to see Bernie leave. He and Andrew Yang are the only two candidates truly proposing policies and fundamental changes that Americans actually need. Now there’s no progressives in the running, it’s back to two corporate puppets going through the formalities.


Except if words, friends, and political affiliations matter.

Except that he has rarely found a totalitarian regime that he couldn’t support or praise.

Only if by populist you mean someone who will kill American jobs to virtue signal.

This sounds jingoistic. Specifics? Sanders is more in line with Jewish values and traditions than any candidate I know with his deeds. Tzedakah. T’kun O’lam.

I don’t believe you can back this with any evidence from a credible source, its exaggerated.

By populist I mean. a leader for the people that serves the country out of a desire to improve the country. I don’t know what your definition entails, but that is not Sanders.

Way to go, DNC. Prematurely anoint someone suffering from cognitive decline and a host of #metoo issues.

Forget this crap. I can’t stomach Bernie’s economic policies but I voted for him anyway.


Project Veritas?


He dropped out.

Looks like the Dems are going to field Creepy Sleepy Joe!

I miss Barry.

That’s a solid achievement.

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America doesn’t need any fundamental changes.

America is funamentally America.

It needs to rein in corporate greed, extend health care coverage, and expand opportunity.

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Corporate greed has already fundamentally changed America and its elections. Citizens United, pharmaceutical, insurance, fossil fuel lobbies, and gerrymandering all played a part in making less democratic and equitable. We need fundamental changes to put an end to money in politics.

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