Sen. Bernie Sanders says he's running for president in 2020

The American system was set up that way on purpose. Madison wanted to pit different factions against each other. That is why Congress is easily lobbied, for better or worse.

Note that Obama still hasn’t endorsed Biden, despite the fact that no other candidates remain.


Hard to see him not doing it…unless he’s waiting for the real candidate.

That’s cold lol. Gave him a metal but won’t endorse him. Don’t blame Obama.

Respect to Bernie for voicing an opinion that can’t be popular in his corner of the left at this moment in time.


I think his attitude reflects what almost everyone on the left is thinking more or less.

These rifts they exist among the left, sorry but its wishful thinking.

The police are the enforcement arm of what we choose to do together. The things we choose not to do together, the police will not do.

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Of course, socialists know they need the police to enforce socialism :wink: Off to the gulags you class traitor!

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Musicians are always dumping on California for some reason.

Say, what’s Bernie up to?


Fuck…the Police. :unamused: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The Dead Kennedys didnt really hold up all that well musically. I had this on wax at one point

But they definitely held up lyrically.



What? How did this slide. Not one of their better tracks though

He won some caucuses then went on to lose heavily in later primaries, and fall way behind in delegates. Glad to see you’re right on the ball as far as the 2020 Democratic race goes.