Senator Al Franken

LOL. What a joke. Saturday Night Live should have fun with this.

[quote=“Fivethirtyeight”]Minnesota took until 5 PM today to begin actually counting rejected absentee ballots, as the Canvassing Board sorted through various legal objections, underwent the arduous task of physically opening more than 900 ballots, and then gave the campaigns a chance to review the back of the ballots for identifying marks. Once they finally got underway, however, with election officials calling out the names of the candidates one ballot at a time, Franken went on a long winning streak and essentially never looked back.

All told, Franken gained a net of 176 ballots from the 952 under review according to The Uptake’s unofficial count, putting him 225 votes ahead in the recount overall.
Either way, a number of legal stratagems that might have seemed appealing to the Coleman campaign might now be somewhat mooted. For instance, even if all 130 ballots that the Coleman campaign claimed were double-counted for Franken were removed from his tally (but no ballots at all had been double-counted for Coleman), Franken would maintain a significant advantage. With Franken doing so well among the absentee ballots that were counted today, moreover, any Coleman attempts to get more absentee ballots counted would seem to have a high risk of backfiring.[/quote]

It takes backwards 3rd-world countries a lot less time to count their ballots, even if done fairly. :unamused:

It’s over! Finally!

About time! :bravo:

What’s it been? Six months since I last posted in this thread? :unamused:

And now he’s been officially sworn in!

Woohoo!!! :bravo: :discodance:

That’s SENATOR Al Franken to you, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Hannity, et al!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

Swearing in.
The last 2 minutes is just applause and hand shaking.