Senator Cruz visits Taipei

Good to see big a VIP visit Taipei. Since I have been living in Taiwan , I seldom hear about high level people visiting. His statement “Senator Cruz: The United States stands with the Taiwanese people” is heart warming. I am not a fan of his party (Republicans) but happy of his support of Taiwan. (P.S. His NBA comments are spot on. though the NBA problem is a problem for the NBA, its in the news now big time in the States as well NZ/AUS and lets people know more about China’s ways and protests are now at the games. Which is mostly anti China) Link in Chinese:美參議員克魯茲-美國與台灣人民站在-起-135125665.html


Shit, out of all the Senators why’d they have to send the Zodiac killer?

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I wish they invited Biden.
"Thanks for inviting me here in Chinese Taipei. China is such a beautiful country, and you Chinese people are amazing! "


I’m sure he’ll love the chicken parts at the night market.

Npt a fan of his either. But at least they someone who knows where taiwan is and talks about it.

The designation “Chinese Taipei” was created by the ROC government.


Too risky. We need to keep his hairy nostrils off the Presidential Scalp.


I do not think anyone sent him, he came it seems because he wanted to. Which to me is the best reason to come.

Guess I’m a #cruzmissile now

Can you imagine lol someone should photoshop

Cannot unsee.


Screw moving avatars. This is The One.

Tsai’s image is perfect for this. Well done, sir.

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Not sure she would be so happy about it though…

That’s the perfect aspect of her, though: she’s just over the edge, too much grin, just too damn happy to have Uncle Joe sniff her.

I think it’s compound funny.

I think that making that image scarred me for life. I’ll need time to recover.


Cruz has been really good on Taiwan and China.

Rubio is another Senator who gets it as well.

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I’m gutted . She didn’t smile like that for me :cry:

I agree, and I actually think Cruz may be the one politician in either party who has really grown personally in the wake of Trump’s takeover of the GOP.

I think Ted Cruz has a good chance of becoming a US prez some day, although his welcome as such may be shortened by the demise of Trump populism (which probably has a shelf life of no more than ten years imo).

Anyway, I heard Cruz speak over lunch in a huge buffet lunch restaurant late this morning. That Taiwanese seemed to be riveted by his words barely took second place to my joy in hearing that flat, nasal American accent that has always meant so much in its plainness to thoughtful people around the world listening to the message of America.

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