Send letter to USA: DHL, UPS, FedEx, or Post?

I have a letter I want to send to the USA on Monday. Actually its a DVD. I need to get it there fast. And in fact, we gain a day going there.

So far all I can figure out is UPS costs NT$733, for Tuesday or Wednesday delivery (depends on if they get it by noon or by 6PM Monday). I’ve had some horrible experiences with UPS in the USA, so I’d rather avoid them.
DHL’s web site was designed by a crack head, I have a degree in computers and I can’t figure out where the marketing geniuses hid the information, and they don’t answer the phone 24x7 here, as you old china hands may be accustomed to.
FedEx wants me to log in before they’ll tell me. All they’ll say is it’ll get there Tuesday. One thing I’ve learned in life is, if they won’t tell you how much it costs, its expensive.

Does the post office here have something like Priority Mail (faster than 1st class)? I am reading here about something called EMS (Intl Express Mail service) that costs $300 (up to 250g), and say it takes 4-5 days.

I searched old posts and did not find information. Most of it was about sending stuff TO Taiwan, rather than FROM. I have to say BTW that the USPS Global Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes kick ass if you are going that direction. I read some stuff about UPS, DHL, and FedEx getting more red tape from (into Taiwan?) customs. Wonder if that is an issue sending a DVD out to the USA.

[color=darkred]OK, my question is, how would you send it to get it there by Friday? How much do they charge?[/color]

BTW, did you hear that FedEx and UPS are merging? They’re going to call it Fed-Up…

Ive used both FEDEX and EMS in sending stuff to the States and both are very good. The advantage with FEDEX is that you can track it online and its a little faster than EMS but of course much more expensive. You should call FEDEX first and make sure there are no extra paperwork needed for a DVD.

I’ll go along with EMS to the States. I’ve had delivery in as little as two days and as long as eight. The cost is about $300NT.

FedEx coming in is pretty quick. FedEx supposedly has a fast track with customs. I have no experiance with outgoing FedEx. Last Monday I had a letter pack shipped Monday, it was delivered here Friday.

I avoid DHL and UPS because of other reports and my own bad history with them.


FedEx requires you to have an account with them, or at least they used to.

Recently used UPS. No problem, and reasonable rates.

EMS is good, but not as fast as the above two.

Haven’t used DHL, but after reading terrible reports about them here, I’m not in a hurry to try them out.

I’ve only used EMS to California. No problems at all and very timely. You can definitely track the package online. I was actually amazed that it worked so well, considering everything.

More prices would help. I went with EMS. NT$430. They say 5 days. Can track on line. Not sure why it was $430 and not $300. Weight was 141 (2 DVDs). Gift, no insurance. Thanks for the tips.

Track EMS here:

My EMS was $300 for a straight letter - 2 pages. I’m sure the weight boosted yours up.

My FedEx from Boston to Hsinchu, Envelope (document?) Package was $40US. A bit overpriced I do believe.


All this urgency over a birthday gift? Peter, Peter…

If anyone has the locations or contact info for the offices of the above, or basic info on how to mail documents through them (e.g., do you have to go to their office, or do they have multiple drop-off points around town, or do you call them to come get it from you), could you please post it so that we have a convenient source of info for everyone? Thanks!

I just called UPS. They say if you drop your mail off at any Familymart (全家) before 11am it’ll go out in that day’s batch; Familymart has the envelopes, and the cost of express to Chicago is about $550, or $850 if you call UPS to come pick it up at your home or office. Or at least that’s what I thought I heard (she was speaking a bit too quickly in Chinese for me to be 100% sure of the details). UPS can be reached at 2883-3868.

I think DHL is the same, but with 7-11. Not sure of costs or phone numbers though.

I always used registered mail… why cause no matter how fast you get it there it will still sit on the desk or table until the person decides to open it

Sending CDs or DVDs of any type can cause you problems but usually not if it’s an original and packaging has not been opened

I think EMS is the best because it is cheap, fast and convenient, since you can go to any Post Office in town to send it.

In my personal case, as I am a loyal customer of their stamps and other collector’s stuff, they help me and really go out of their way to assist me in paying less.