Sending a letter to the UK

I need to send a letter to the UK, though I could theoretically wait with this for another month or two.

  1. Does anybody know if it is possible to send a letter to the UK with the Taiwan Postal Office (Chunghwa Post) at the moment?

  2. Regardless of the answer to 1), is it generally safe to send a letter to the UK with the Taiwan Postal Office or is there a significant risk of it being lost?

Do not want DHL or similar since too expensive unfortunately.

Thank you.

You might also want to check whether EMS is working to the UK at the moment. I don’t remember that being too expensive when I had to send my passport back for renewal (less than 400 TWD, IIRC).


As a rule before Covid 19 sending to UK quick and efficient using Chunghwa post and cheap.
2 letters and a parcel sent to me from UK 10 weeks ago have disappeared, I know this as 2 letters sent later I finally received.
Not sure if this down to Royal Mail suspension balls up or Chunghwa Post.

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Thank you. So would it be best to send with tracking when using Chungwa Post?

And I guess in any event it then seems best to wait for another month (which is possible for me) because then covid-19 chaos is likely to be less

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Yes I would say so, lot cheaper than UK tracking post.


Thank you. And how do I do this? Is tracking really EMS? So go to the post office and say I want EMS?



Great advice.

A fraction of the cost of couriers like DHL and during COVID-19 arrived in a locked down Chinese small city within three days, with a very user-friendly tracking system. DHL had the package in transit in Hong Kong for over a week, very sparse tracking details, and it arrived over nine days after the post office EMS identical package. Taiwan Up, haha!

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I have sent cards and small packages (regular post) to the uk over the last couple of months, everything arrive ok just late. Sent one that arrived yesterday it took just under 3 weeks about twice what it normally takes.
Post from the UK to here has been taking a lot longer.

Have you tried email? It arrives 80% of the time, despite Covid.


You also use Yahoo then?

Sure. Yahoo for news, Lycos for search and the ICQ messenger to keep in touch with friends. Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I don’t know how to use the latest technology.


The issue was or is in the UK. There is obviously a delay, and last I looked, tracking was stopped for the time being.
I am sending a load of things to the UK and will wait until normal service is resumed.

At least there is some service to the UK, many countries have no mail route.

That may take some time by all accounts, daily deliverys are down to once or twice a week, so they are behind with domestic post also.

My brother mentioned they are focusing more on delivering packages than letters, but i don’t have any links to back this up.

I’m not happy with UK mail, I receive 1 letter from 3, not important one that was posted 3 weeks later than others, not received bank card in one and important documents in the other.
Also package of English mustard powder! the most important!

I had a small package from family, sent end of Jan arrived mid April, and a letter from my bank sent early march and arrived a couple of weeks ago.

I have always found the post slower UK to Taiwan even before the virus.

Chunghwa Post is efficient and cheap I regularly send cards and letters home to UK always arrive within 7 days. In UK at the moment and received a small package from family in Taipei, again took 7 days.

I think the problem is in the uk at the moment, it depends what area of the uk you’re in and how many postal workers are working. i sent cloth masks to family in two parts of the uk at the same time, there was a weak difference in delivery.

Edit: Before the virus i have had packages sent regular Chunghwa post on Monday and arrive Friday, i always put this down to luck and chatting the service at the right time.

Yes by as much as 3 weeks! UK to Taiwan is shite.