Sending an iPod to the UK. How much?

Well, my friend has asked me if I can get an iPod (normal one) cheaper here and send it to the UK for him. I’m not convinced it’ll end up being cheaper, but I’m willing to look into it.

Can anyone give me a guestimate how much it would cost to send a new iPod to the UK?

I’d say not more than 300NT. with normal Postal service.
best would be to get rid of the box and wrap it up in some bubble plastic and ship it this way.

I’d send it by express mail with the post office… trackable online at and delivered 48-72 hours, in my experience. A little more than 300 for EMS but worth the peace of mind… maybe more like 500 if you unpack it and ship it w/out box.

Really? It’s that cheap? No customs problems or anything?

I sent something to NZ via Fedex a couple of weeks ago and it was $700nt for up to 0.5 kg, track and trace. The UK would be similar I’d imagine, if not cheaper.

Yep, just don’t put on the box “iPod that I bought in Taiwan for my friend in the UK:smiley:

I used to work for UPS many moons ago. there’s no problem legally with sending an ipod gift to the Uk…

The problem will be with the dudes who work in the custom clearance, the postal hub or wherever. If they see its declared as an ipod it will probably be under a different xmas tree.

My concern would be with damage goods… my ipod broke in my pocket. they r fairly fragile

For the sake of saving, what, 10-20GBP if you’re lucky, I just wouldn’t think it was worth the hassle/risk.

Well, it’s funny. I spent most of yesterday evening trying to source the cheapest full-size iPod. My mate only wants a 20GB and doesn’t care for photos or videos.

However, it’s impossible to find these now, and even finding a photo ipod is hard, since they’re moving to video.

The best price I could get was 165 pounds for a 30GB photo. My friend had been quoted 190 pounds for a 20GB (no photo).

Anyway I told him the price and he’s keen for me to buy it. I’ll either post it or take it across (though that will be at new year, and it’s supposed to be a christmas present for his son).

Woohoo!! Found a 20GB iPod photo (exactly what my friend wanted) for 150 quid. The lovely girl threw in a remote control (normally 900NT) and a rubber cover. Even without the freebies, it worked out about 40 quid cheaper than my friend could’ve got it. With the freebies, both of which I think he would’ve bought, he saved about 60 quid (3,600NT$), so I guess it was worth it.

Pain in the arse though, lol.