Sending an MMS

I am getting the following message when I am trying to send an MMS to a mobile phone in my home country in Europe.

“Unable to send your message(s). Your message(s) will remain in your Outbox”

The receiving mobile phone has an MMS function for sure. I am using ChungHua Telecom:s prepaid service and thought it was possible to send MMS:s using their service. I am using the prefix 002 - country code
exactly as when I am sending an SMS to the same number. I attached a small picture (well below the size limit) to my message.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Are you able to send MMS messages within Taiwan?

i cant with FarEastone… maybe you need a 3G account?

I have 3G and I can send MMS and SMS. But before I got this new contract, even though I was supposed to be able to send MMS, I wasn’t able to. So I do know some contracts permit MMS. Now it’s nice, because I can send videos and photos as MMSs to my wife, or even make video calls :laughing:.

Ditto. oh and i so love being told by FarEastOne that it works when it really doesnt, such a pleasant feeling… :fume: :fume: :fume: