Sending email from a webpage?

I need to set up a web page that will send email to me without revealing my address to the sender. Can anyone point me at a site which does this as an example, or better yet point me toward a place to get the code for it? Preferably open-source, since I’ll want to modify its appearance (then again, if it’s a Perl CGI script, the only way to deliver those is as open source :slight_smile: ).

Note that I know about the simple way to do it, but that way embeds the email address in the webpage, where spammers can access it. I need something that will work behind the scenes without placing my address in a visible location.

Just use a php page and embed the email address in the php code. It gets taken out before any spammer sees it.

There are ways to hide an e-mail address from spam-bots. One of my favorites is the encoder at Hiveware.

cranky laowai, nice link, thanks for the info and very useful.

[long explanation deleted]

Found a script that does it. In case anyone needs to do something similar, it is available as a service from:

or as a downloadable CGI-BIN Perl script from:

To figure out how to set it up, I would recommend signing up for’s “free trial” and looking at their examples. It’s straightforward once you see them, and a little odd that the guy didn’t include any of the form parameter information on the downloads site.

Might I suggest family counseling as an alternative.

Trust me, there’s no way it would work. :frowning: