Sending household items (moving out)

Just a quick question. I am moving soon and need to send my items from Hsinchu to Taichung.

It’s not too heavy and not too many items but too many to carry on the train. Basically Hotplate, bedding a few pots, iron, hairdryer and a few other things.

I don’t have too many things so I wonder what the cost will be and the best place to send things from? If it’s going to cost me around 3000 nt to send it then it might not even be worth it because the cost of the items weren’t that high in the first place. (I am going back to the UK for a while but storing them there)

Any advice on costs and what to do? Every time I did this in the past I had a car or a family that did but now I am abroad it’s not an option!

I think you can try companies like Hsinchu Transport for sending larger items…

A second trip on the train/bus would be pretty cheap.

I don’t have the time for that I am flying out before there is time and working full time apart from that! If I was moving to another place and not just putting my stuff there I would carry it! But it isn’t an option unfortunetly

I don’t know if the OP still needs it, but companies like TJ/Kerry logistics can deliver large items. Website is

You can call them or fill out a form online and a driver will come over to pick your stuff up. Larger items such as furniture either they can do it, or look for a “回頭車” for them… they are cheaper than moving companies but you will need your own guys to get it inside if its heavy… that’s how I was able to take delivery of a 200kg 18" bandsaw…

How much did it cost to deliver the band saw? I have an 11kg bike, but cannot get their form to work.

300nt, it wasn’t a really large bandsaw though, the bike should cost a similar amount of money.

You fill out your address and stuff in Chinese, and depending on time a driver will come either today or the next business day to pick up the stuff. He will then provide a form where you write the address to deliver to.