Sending luggage from Taiwan to Europe - any ideas?

I need to send two or three luggages / boxes to France. I would like them to be picked from our home in Taichung and delivered directly to our home in Paris.
Any idea which company I should use ? I am not looking for a fast travel, so sea freight is definitely ok
Thanks a lot

You will of course save transport costs with unaccompanied luggage, but the problem is that you then have to pay import duties and taxes in France upon receipt. So depending on what you send, not necessarily cheaper

Post office services

Note the rates have changed for the ccp virus and may change again without website updates. Best to call or visit for quote with your dimensions and weight.

Previously when.we ship to france it takes about 3 to 5 days to arrive there ems, 7ish via air and 2 to 3 months via ocean. Then whatever local delivery times are from port to door on their side.

If you go ocean, insure it and dont pack breakables.

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