Sending meds in a package

I’ve been trying to figure this out for so long and have even gone to the FDA building in person…

How can I successfully get a package sent to me from the US to Taipei that contains asthma medicine?

I’ve been told I have to apply and then use DHL or another service. But I don’t know even where to start or how it works. Anyone with experience with this? Thanks.

I would try using normal post and calling it “health supplement” or something similarly vague.

Out of curiosity, can you not get the same stuff (cheaper) in Taiwan?

Try having them send it with the prescription enclosed. Just don’t label it ‘drugs’.

I’ve had medications sent before with no issues. The medication would have a label on it which would identify it to customs if they want to know.

As people said, don’t label it drugs :smiley:

HS. #9825 should suffice.
Be sure to indicate for “personal use” on the invoice.