Sending money by mail within Taiwan?

I’d like to send money by mail to some folks in southern Taiwan (I’m in Taipei). Can I go to any bank and have a cashier’s check made like I would in the US? Do I need an account at said bank?

Thanks for any help.

Go to any post office and buy a postal order.

If the recipient has a Post Office account (or a bank account) it’s easy to transfer money from a Post Office to that account. You’re looking to “hui4 kuan3” in Chinese, if memory serves.

You’d be better to do a Telegraphic Transfer at a bank - it only costs 30 dollars and it is done straight away. Pretty efficient really.

If you know their bank code and account number you can just do the transfer from your own account at any ATM. It costs NT$17.

This assumes that you have a bank account with a cash card and the amount is not too large (There is an NT$100,000 limit for transfers to accounts you haven’t previously designated, I think).

By the way this applies if the recipient has a Post Office account too. The Post Office’s bank code is 700.

I always prefer to do it at the cashier because I am afraid to make a mistake on the ATM. :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:

If they have an account at one of the major national banks, you can just go into a branch here in Taipei and deposit it directly into their account. The only drawback is that the deposit will show-up in their bank book without any reference to where it came from, so you’ll have to let them know once it’s sent. Much the same as the ATM transfer described above without the mistake factor.