Sending SMS'es online

I don’t know about you, but I type a bit faster on a keyboard, so this is really helpful for me & I thought I should pass it along as I’ve been using it for quite a while & it’s saved me a LOT of time. Plus it’s free :slight_smile:
If you’re online, you can send SMS’es to users of the Far East Tone network at:

You don’t have to install ICQ on your computer for those who are worried about that. But I think that you DO have to have some kind of administrative control over the box. Hmmm, I think that I’ve sent SMS’es from an internet cafe before.
I guess you have to have an ICQ id for this, but that’s free. The only thing I use my ICQ id for is sending SMS’es.
It seemed a little tricky at first, so here’re some tips:
Go to “Send SMS” at the bottom.
Then “Send SMS to Non ICQ User”
Put in 886 (or choose Taiwan from the list); enter the network # (e.g. 0918); enter the last 6 digits (e.g. 423042)
Check “Remove leading zero from the Network #”
OK - then type your message. If people reply & you’re online it’ll show up on your computer, so if you are going out you have to remind people to contact you at your regular cell #.

Does anybody know of any other places for doing this besides ICQ? What about software so you can send SMS’es from your PC using a phone line?

If you have a HiNet account, i.e. your internet service provider is HiNet, you can send SMS messages to up to six people at a time for free. Go to ChungHwa Telecom Web2Air.

If you don’t have a HiNet account, you might get some kind-hearted or naive person to let you know their password and then use their account to send SMS messages.

SeedNet might have a similar service - Try if you have a SeedNet account.

If you are a HiNet user, go here:

FOR EXAMPLE, I am a HiNet ADSL customer.

My login would be written like this:
Replace the XXXXXX with the account number they gave you.
Remember to include the “” suffix.

My password would be that alphanumeric one they give out.

I assume it is free, but don’t know for sure if they tack it onto your bill or not.



Thanks a lot Juba & Jeremy! That sounds extraordinary! :smiley:
BUT, I’m getting some kind of weird error:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14)
/wwwms/SmSendCom1.asp, line 85

& the message doesn’t arrive on my phone… Ever seen that b4?

Can u send to any of the phone networks?

??? You don’t need that bit - just the part before the @

That did it! Shukran jazilan Juba! (Why didn’t I think about that!?) I owe both you & Jeff some guanxi & a beer – maybe at Club75 BBQ tomorrow after 6 PM? (they have free wireless internet ;-).

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Anyway, that did it Juba! Shukran jazilan! (Why didn’t I try that b4!?)
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What kind of account do you have? I can do it, but not without the “” part. Do you also have a ADSL account?



Jeff, I have a fairly new account and had to choose a two string username separated by a “.” for the e-mail account ( e.g. ). Of course, I just put in the account number, not the e-mail account, and I can send SMS’es.
It seems like the people I know who’ve had account longer don’t have the “.” Hmmm… Does your e-mail have a “.” in it?


What kind of account do you have? I can do it, but not without the “” part. Do you also have a ADSL account?[/quote]
Mine was a dial-up account. The username was just three letters with no dot. The account is defunct now - I quit paying for it because I was sick of all the spam in my HiNet mailbox. HiNet does absolutely nothing to stop spam.

My girlfriend has a HiNet ADSL account, as does the company I work for, but I don’t know the usernames and passwords.

Is anyone else able to send text messages? Lately it hasn’t been working for me.


I am in Oz right now and to this here costs 25 cents (NT$6) per message.

Yes if you were a hinet user it was free. I loved it … but i can’t get that page to work either.

I use ICQ2Go now and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Its a totally hit and miss thing.

With ICQ you can message practically anybody. I message my friends back home in canada for free. But they have to pay 10cents for each text message they recieve … so that sucks for them but its still cheap.