Sending stuff back home in a crate?

im just wondering if anyone has any info on how much it costs to send stuff home via in a crate on a boat, the kind that take 3 months or more to get back home. id be going to vancouver… anybody have any idea where i can find out info? thanks…*day

How much would you be sending home?
The post office has a 20 kg maximum for boxes. To Canada, the charge for a 20 kg box, surface mail, is NT$1780.

A crate or a container? Cost usually depends on volume (up to a certain weight) and distance, not so much on the size.
You could also rent partial space I believe, need to ask a shipping company.

If it’s a small crate or box you can use postal services, ship as surface mail instead of air mail. Price will depend on size of the package and it’s weight (and destination of course).