Sending stuff by container ship


My planned 2 year trip to Taiwan which turned into a 10 year journey and added a wife and 2 boys is coming to an end soon. I will be returning to Canada in Feb and I want to explore all my options about sending stuff home.

As anyone here ever sent stuff by container ship?
What was the cost like?
Was it complicated?
I need to send it over land once it reaches a port. Is that expensive?
Does anyone have an internet address in regards to this?



shipping an entire container is much simpler than trying to ship half of a container. Standard length containers are easy to transport overland as well, as long as you have a place for the truck to put it down (not into an apartment complex, for example). You can fill it with everything you want to take, so as to make use of the space: they count on space not weight. You can sell excess space to someone with a small amount of stuff and a similar destination, or to the shipping company itself.

any cargo company or international logistics company will be able to help. You must be careful of meeting all customs requirements, best done by using a customs agent both in Taiwan and in Canadia. and thats smoother if they both represent the same company. your container may be held in bond until inspected. Buy insurance: they sometimes fall off ships.