Seniors to pay more for health care,thanks to Mr. BUSH!

AKRON, Ohio - John Kerry (news - web sites), driving through central Ohio in his first swing of the fall campaign, focused strong disapproval of President Bush (news - web sites)'s record in job creation and health care costs…

Kerry seized on news that Medicare premiums for doctor visits will rise 17 percent next year under a formula set by law, the largest in the programs’ 40-year history, to say Bush hasn’t done enough to control the cost of health care.

“No matter how hard this administration tries to sweep this under the rug, America’s seniors will notice because they are paying the price for George Bush (news - web sites)'s failed leadership,” Kerry said in a statement. … pr/kerry_8

Wow, this news should sure help Bush during the upcoming election. :noway:

Is there anything this man puts his hands on that turns out right? Well, the good news is that Bush’s mommy, Barbara, won’t have to worry about this since the Bush family has more than enough money to take care of their own. Unfortunately, many senior Americans don’t have the Bush family riches and this price rise will mean a great hardship to them.

I can’t wait until November when this man is forced to go back to the ranch and Kerry/ Edwards take over.