Seoul for an evening/night

Hi! Replies are appreciated! I’ve never been to Korea and I have an 18 hour layover. I understand that one evening is “most certainly not enough” to visit Korea. But, this is free because I’m heading to Canada for a bit in late March.

If you had just one thing to do in Seoul, what would you do?

Get shitfaced on soju and puke my guts out?


If you had three things to do, what would you do?

Well, that was two already, so the third would probably be doing the Psy horse dance in the middle of the street.

Funny, but I tried soju, I thought it was awful haha.

Get Taco Bell in Itaewon, which is all gentrified/hippish now, which I do not like. Hooker Hill was interesting to walk up. Also, dunno if the Red Door is still open, but it was one of the very few places where you could get US stuff, because the soldiers would exchange stuff from their PX.

Red Door was the black market, right? I’ve been there. Lived in Seoul from late 2007 to early 2014. Lot of great memories. Itaewon was already turning a bit hipster by the time I left though.

Itaewon is pretty cool with young people. Get some beers and korean fried chicken.