Serfs' Emancipation Day!

Whaaaat? I can’t thing of anything polite and articulate to say about the Chinese government’s latest way of shafting Tibet. Cheeky fckers, as we say in norte yingguo.

Many Tibetans were serfs, held in bondage to Buddhist temples or secular aristocracy. But they probably preferred their own masters to the Chinese.

Sure, as were people in many countries. The Chinese government is still a tosser, though.


What’s ridiculous about “Serf’s Emancipation Day” is that the purpose of invading Tibet had nothing to do with freeing the Tibetans and everything to do with re-establishing Chinese hegemony over Tibet and paving the way for Chinese colonization.

Exactly; I don’t see the good old PLA making with the liberation anywhere outwith its self-defined borders …

Debout ! les damnés de la terre 起来,饥寒交迫的奴隶!
Debout ! les forçats de la faim 起来,全世界受苦的人!

Why not. Alan Dawa Zhuoma probably doesn’t want to be a serf.

I mean a lucrative contract with Avex Trax, Japan is probably worst than serfdom. But she made the choice all by herself, after losing in Asia New Singer Competition, PRC version of a televised talent search program.

Could you image the the traditional Lamas allowing their serfs to become products of a major music label, selling commercialized sexual images of themselves. Come on there is an upside to all this.

When will the UK get over the fact they completely failed in Tibet. The empire is over and they are nothing more than a satellite State to the US now…

I think it’s racist to refer to Tibetans as smurfs just because they are little.

I thought Serf Emancipation day was celebrating ending the collective farms in China.