(Serious) How To Practice At Mid and Higher Levels?

My big problem is I have no where to practice conversation. It’s very very frustrating when learning language.

I’m almost finished with ACCC book two and find that I’m actually learning a lot.

Talking to friends about food and taxi drivers and shop owners and old men at the park only goes so far and I don’t really get to use when I’m learning.

Do you have any suggestions other than language exchange?

It would be really helpful if schools could help place students in a setting as part of the program.

I have an open work permit and have considered interning somewhere for free just to be in a setting where I might be able to have more opportunities than more than just daily conversation level.

Don’t you try to talk to friends about economics/politics/business/any other big news etc?

Find a student at one of the interpreting programs. They would likely love to practice with a native English speaker. A bit higher level than the average language exchange and they tend to talk about politics, economics and stuff like that a lot more than the average 7-11 clerk.

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Find out if one of your friends likes to argue/philosophize. I had some pretty intense (friendly) debates with a friend over LGBT, abortion, capital punishment, divorce, and immigration. Having to think on your feet and try to “win” an argument really pushes your language abilities.

You might be surprised by which one of your friends if up for a friendly debates. People are pretty polite and need to know that you have thick skin before they’ll be willing to argue with you.

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