Serious play aggression in kitten

So are tux generally very aggressive?

Mine doesn’t mind being handled but it seems to know if it’s going to the vet, so I hope it won’t be a problem because he needs to go to the vet in a couple of weeks to get shots. Right now his bites aren’t hurting too bad, but it still hurts (does not draw blood). I don’t know if it’s just me but the kitten looks twice as big as when I got it, 2 weeks ago!

I think this is a kitler… maybe he can has Poland and wants to kill mews…

No. Mine were feral strays and were being chased by the neighborhood people, who were threatening to kill them. So they were not very friendly at the beginning but they chose to stay and found safety and comfort.

Tuxedos are known for being very vocal, though. They express their emotions clearly.

Yep, kittens grow fast. Make sure he gets his microchip when he gets his shots. That is very important.

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He’s already chipped. When I adopted him I had to transfer ownership from the last owner. He just needed more shots, he already had 2 sessions.

He’s very vocal… sometimes he has some really pitiful meow and I don’t know if it’s because he’s hungry, hurting, or just wants to play. He’s got way more energy than I do because my arms tire trying to keep him focused on the cat toy and not my legs. Unfortunately it’s a losing battle because ultimately he loves biting my legs much more than the cat toy. Maybe he’s hoping I die so he can eat me…

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Kittens are very vocal. Some of them grow out of it.

My second cat used scream when i made her food and rushed her food bowl, often knocking the whole thing over, when she was a kitten. She would eat while making growling noises, and get really angry if others come near her bowl. I guess it’s the result of having her mom taken away from her on the streets.

I first tried to slow her eating down by adding porcelain toys in her bowl. Then I tried to get her to calm down before I would put her bowl down. Sometimes that took over half an hour.

At some point she just got it. Now she just get a couple of meows in, and then sits and wait. I don’t know if it’s the calm down training or if being noisy and paranoid about food is just a phase they grow out of.