Serious problems - invalid sessions etc

I am getting endless 'invalid session’s, no matter how much back-clicking and refreshing I do.

Also the ‘Posts Since Last Vist’ just isn’t working - constantly on zero.

I believe I’m not the only one to be suffering these kinds of problems more and more recently. Not trying to sound pushgy here, but I think sorting out these kind of bugs, is more important to the usability fo this site than stuff like auctions and flags (fun though they are).


Oops. That was an invalid session. Better copy, refresh and try again.

Take 3.

I’m getting a lot of them now too. Probably be ok tomorrow…

I too, am getting a lot of “invalid sessions” as well as “posts since last visit” issues. I’m relieved that I am not the only one as I was beginning to think it was my poor computer skills! It is, though, very frustrating to constantly be told that there have been no posts or that I am not logged on, thereby an “invalid session”.

Hopefully soon this will be resolved?!