Serious puking & hospitalization from Flu virus


My daughter puked at least 10 times last night: lots of big chunks of citrus at first ending in blood the last few heaves. We took her to the hospital about 3:30 am, or so, where the puking finally subsided, they put her on an IV and she’s still there, now ready to come home and ease into gentle foods again. She’s missing school today and my wife and I are both out of the office. Big lesson learned.

Apparently she ate quite a few segments of Pomelo at nanny’s house yesterday afternoon.

There were several kids in ER puking last night, we overheard the mother next to us saying her girl was also sick from Pomelo, and when the doctor heard our girl had eaten Pomelo yesterday she immediately nodded knowingly and responded that it’s extremely difficult to digest and should be given very sparingly to children.

Here’s further confirmation. … ntDangers/

So, this Moon Festival season I suggest you don’t let your kids get carried away with the Pomelo.

Wow. Thanks for the warning.

Glad Daughter Theresa’s OK now.

[quote=“irishstu”]Wow. Thanks for the warning.

Glad Daughter Theresa’s OK now.[/quote]

Second that!


Unfortunately I spoke too soon. The hospital didn’t want to release her till after she’d eaten and they had a chance to observe to be sure she wouldn’t puke again, so she had congee in the hospital at 1 pm today and threw it up at 2 pm, over 24 hrs since she first puking.

I’m not at all worried that it’s a serious condition. I’m sure she just puked so much that she wore her throat raw and bleeding on the inside and it needs to heal before it will accept food again without a peristaltic reaction.

But, I feel terribly for the poor girl. My wife just informed me she’s reserved a room for her to stay in the hospital tonight too, if necessary. All from eating too much Pomelo. :frowning:

Sue the nanny. That much is obvious. Every penny she’s got and then some. Play your cards right and she’ll be minding the kid for free until she’s ready to go off to uni.

Could it be something else, and the pomelos were just coincidental?

Piomelos are considered very “yang” or warm in Chinese medicine theory. Often foods considered such have what western medicine would call allergenic properties. Still, I reckon it’s odd.


Could it be something else, and the pomelos were just coincidental?[/quote]

That’s possible. Yesterday her kindergarten had a field trip, which means that instead of having the ordinary, trustworthy standard lunch provided by her school, each kid packs his/her own lunch, so it undoubtedly means lots of cookies, candies and other snacks, shared amongst the kids. So I’m sure she ate a crappy lunch, but my money’s still on the pomelo. Her first few vomits were messy masses of pulp. That plus the comment from the doc and the fact that another kid in ER blamed it on pomelo is enough to convince me.

Incidentally, pomelos are also famous for inducing flatulence.

But, they’re not all bad. They do make attractive fashion accessories.

Yeah, right…hey? why don’t you get a gun and then shoot the evil nurse. :astonished: :loco:

I don’t know, my kid has always eaten plenty of pomelo and never ever had any problem with it. What I am curious about is, is there something with this year pomelo that makes them dangerous?
Also when you say she ate a lot, how much is a lot?
In any case, I wish her a quick recovery. Keep us posted.

Yeah, right…hey? why don’t you get a gun and then shoot the evil nurse. :astonished: :loco:

Absolutely not. I’d NEVER advocate taking the law into your own hands. That’s what ambulance-chasing lawyers are for.

I hope MT’s kid gets better soon, and I too would like to know what kind of quantity was involved.

Lucky someone supplied a pic tho because I’ve never heard the word pomelo and had no idea you were talking about youzi!

When I worked at Kid Castle the kids were allowed one segment each…and at my school today we made the hats, but sent the fruit home.(it’s just too uncertain how kid’s stomachs react to this.) Eating pomelos can make your stomach very upset…they usually give pomelos at spas or places where people go for cleanses…and with little stomachs like theirs…give very little.

Your suspicions were correct. Apparently pomelos ARE very hard to digest, especially for kids, so it’s no surprise she vomitted big chunks of pomelo on day one, but apparently it’s a nasty, nasty virus.

I don’t remember all the details but we spent most of the past few days since Thursday night in the hospital, with her hooked up to IVs, eating only a few bites of food since then, and even now I’ve taken Monday off and am at home trying to help her to recover enough so she can eat just one bite (literally) of congee, without puking it back up.

Heck, she’s been sick so long I even got her nasty virus, was deathly ill for a day or two, recovered, and yet she’s still lying there weak and unable to eat. Not for lack of medicine, mind you. We bought so many meds from the hospital that it’s hard to sort them out and I’m not giving her most of them (just giving the most critical – the anti-nauseau stuff).

Ugh. It’s tough being a parent, watching kids suffer (and I know her case is nothing; some kids have cancer or other catastrophe). She’s tough though, she’ll recover soon. Just hoping it will be today.

Poor little poppet! All the best to her from Uncle Omni, and I hope she’ll be right as rain and full of vim again very soon.

Thanks Omni. I hope yours is doing well. I better log off and go check up on my charge.

Your suspicions were correct. Apparently pomelos ARE very hard to digest, especially for kids, so it’s no surprise she vomitted big chunks of pomelo on day one, but apparently it’s a nasty, nasty virus.[/quote]

That’s what I figured; her symptoms just sounded too severe compared to what I’d expect from a bit of indigestion. Hope she recovers quickly! :frowning:
Hang in there – I imagine it’s very tiring for you, too.

Aiyo! All the best to the wee lovely and her frazzled folks!


Sorry to hear of a sick child. Godspeed her health!

I revised the title of this thread, because my wife informed me that:

  • she spoke with our daughter’s kindergarten and learned that last Friday at least 10 kids were puking in her school

  • last Thursday they had all taken a field trip to the Taipei Planetarium and word is out in our community that kids from other schools visited the planetarium last Wednesday and many of them were also puking,

  • so lots of parents are very angry that the planetarium was apparently the venue where lots of kids were exposing each other to the nasty virus, so they are filing complaints somewhere.

Anyway, our girl is back in school today, after a full week off. I took last Friday off from work, my wife took Monday, I took Tuesday, she took Wednesday, two nights in the hospital, several IVs, a few days of no eating at all, back to nanny on Thursday and now finally back to school. Phewwww. She’s substantially skinnier but her same old silly self, so that’s all I care about.

This morning when I dropped her off at school a classmate sneezed a big snotty sneeze, so I yanked my daughter back and told her to stay away from all sneezers. Not ready to go through that again yet.

Glad she’s ok, MT. I’ll be sure to avoid places with planets.