upon my arrival, I was just going to stay for a couple weeks…haha yeah right…I had no money to leave the country…10 months later im here on that entry…this is serious…I dont want any assholes talking about how stupid I am…I accepted that fact a long time ago…any tips /? any asses to kiss? any help is my reason for putting this ad up…thanks

Go to the foreign affairs police station and talk to whoever you have to talk to and get things worked out as soon as you can. They’ll probably ask if you’ve been working or not, how you’ve supported yourself, etc. Just be really nice and as humble as apple pie. It’ll all work out ok.

Try to be as honesty as you can.

I think you need to supply some details, but assuming you are a holding a passport from an “English-speaking” country, and you’re leaving via CKS airport and you can get to the FAP in Taipei City without difficulty:

If you can pay the fine and the air ticket, you’ll avoid going to the detention center in Taipei County to await deportation (or is it repatriation?). Either way, your best bet is to work your ass of for a few weeks teaching English, go to the FA police with cash, ticket and passport, and you’ll be allowed to leave “gracefully.” At worst you’ll be banned for a year from obtaining a landing visa. Ship your valuable personal effects out first though, just in case.
Unless you are wanted for a crime in addition to the overstay, that path seems the best way to go (compared to begging for mercy from someone who “can pull strings”.)

Thanks guys…i’ll let u know how it goes…one thing,(wo yeow doah shuwei zhong wen) if I cant obtain a landing visa for a year, does that mean even if I come back to Taiwan holding certificates from a local language school upon entry (reentry), could I get in on student then and there at the airport, or do I have to get thoses types of documents on an entry, go to the school…yaddah yaddah…see my ? Can I get those papers before I arrive? thanx

The airport does not issue any kinds of “resident” visas.

You’ll need to first go to a certified language school in Taiwan (see archives and/or china post) and pay for 3 months of tuition. This will vary between schools, but the going rate is around $NT8 000 for 12 weeks. The school will then issue you with their paperwork that you’ll need to submit this to the trade visa office in Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia or whichever country it is that you are going to. They will then give you a two month extendable visa (if you’re lucky) that will get you through the gates and back into Taiwan. Although, that little stamp that you’ll have in your visa (overstay) won’t help your chances too much either.

one word of warning from one who knows…the fuzz do not like to hear about you working illegally; if you happen to show up when there is some sort of crack down on this (as I did) they will want to know names of students or schools…if you can bluff your way out by saying you’ve been doing tai-chi in the park for 10 months it might be better; they’ll ask how you supported yourself; say you brought in a load of cash or have a girlfriend who’s rich…of course maybe there’s no fuss at the mo’ about under the table teaching so you’ll have no problem…and i wouldn’t be too confident about getting back in too soon; but ask them about this off the record and they should tell you how long your ban is for…

so how did it go Phuckd?

I know a guy who has overstayed for 6 years. What will happen the day they bust him?