Serve and Protect?

I can see some real problems with this policy in the near future.

From The Evening Standard:

Muslim PC wins right not to protect Israeli Embassy

A Muslim police officer has been excused from guarding London’s Israeli Embassy after he objected to the duty on ‘moral grounds’.

PC Alexander Omar Basha - a member of the Metropolitan Police’s Diplomatic Protection Group - refused to be posted there because he objected to Israeli bombings in Lebanon and the resulting civilian casualties of fellow Muslims.

In a move which has caused widespread astonishment at Scotland Yard, senior officers in the DPG agreed that that PC Basha should be given an alternative posting.

The officer, who carries a gun, is now thought to be guarding another embassy.[/quote]

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Should have been kicked out immediately. Whatever next?


Absolute bullshit. If he cannot fulfill the functions of his job because of moral concerns, then he needs to quit. Simple as that. If he won’t quit, expecting the police force to change its policies to accommodate him, then he needs to be fired.

Alternatively, after splashing his name, photo, kids and what not in all the tabloids, they could send some self confessed National Front coppers around to guard his kiddies.