Service apartments - do they exist in this city?

i have some friends coming over for about 8 days. instead of just booking hotel rooms for them - that would be three in total - i was thinking of getting them a service apartment i.e. a house with three rooms, a kitchen and at least 1 bathroom. the property agents don’t seem to provide such services in this country, and i’m just about to ditch the idea, but do you guys know anything about this?

thanks in advance.


No 68 Sung Koa Toad
Taipei, 110
8780-5168 (call first so you can see if they’ve got the room you need)

For 8 days, it’ll be pretty hard. The service apts I know usually require 1 month minimum.

Try searching for “serviced apartment” on google instead. Although at the prices listed, I suspect these are more “business hotels”

Agora Garden should be no problem, you can even rent by the day. It’s located in the XinYi disctric, near Warner Village, Mitsukoshi and Taipei 101 etc.