Service Provider for Integration Payment Methods into eCommerce


Does anyone have a contact of a 3rd party service provider in Taiwan that can implement all Payment Methods (including local methods like ATM, iBon, 7-11, etc) onto an eCommerce site?

Just thought I’d answer my own here in case anyone was curious.

The following 3 companies can implement the various payment methods available in Taiwan (Web ATM, Credit Card, iBon, 7-11, etc)

藍新 (Lán xīn)
紅陽 (Hóng yáng)
綠界 (Lǜ jiè)

Just setting up an ecomms site at the moment and this helps a lot. Thanks!

Can anyone share thoughts on Neweb vs ECPay?

I’d be interested in knowing too!

So far, what I gather is that ECPay is already integrated into Shopline, which is a HK/TW competitor to Shopify. I also understand that Shopline is quite popular already in Taiwan (probably because of the integration with ECPay, which allows customers to pay at convenience stores - something Shopify sites do not [or cannot?] do

Here are the service offerings for ECPay

The table below is a Google Translation from that page

The Business Membership seems to be the same, EXCEPT FOR

  • 30-day Collection Limit 300,000 for Individual Members vs 500,000 for Business Members
  • Monthly Withdrawal Limits of 500,000-800,000 for Individuals vs 1M to 1.5M for Business Members

Below is the 3 table on that page - for Special Members

I think RMB is a mistranslation of Google Translate and it’s supposed to mean NT$

I am thinking of setting up a Shopline store because it has ECPay integrated into it and I wonder if it might be worthwhile to Setup my own Wordpress Shop and subscribe to ECPay or NewebPay separately