Service to upgrade my android phone

I have an android phone that is a year and a half old. it came with android 1.5 and I would like to have it upgraded to 2.x I had a student do it for me but he did not install some of the drivers properly so some parts of the phone - 3g - do not work properly. Is there a shop that i can take it to get it done “professionally”? It is a Motorola phone, btw. I learn near Xinzhu but also will be visiting Taipei on 3/28 for the day.

What model is it? If there is an official 2.0 (Gingerbread) upgrade to your phone then you would most likely find it on the Motorola website. If not then you can go to the XDA developers website and you’ll surely find info. I how to upgrade your phone’s OS. It’s pretty simple, there should be no need to pay someone to do something like that when you could just do it yourself. I was able to find instructions on how to upgrade my Samsung to 4.0 there. Check it out:

It is indeed not very difficult to do.
But I’m pretty sure, any small mobile phone shops could be able to do it for you. (I mean, the vendor in fact)

Thanks! It is a Motorola ME 501. There supposedly is no update for this phone but a number of people have done it so that the phone is fully functional. A student from last year offered to update it for me. His english is not very good and the phone is half English and half Chinese. I could probably do it myself – I do have some technical orientation, but I am somewhat overstretched now with a new job, new place to live and new town to live in. The phone is a year and a half old and probably has at least another year in it.