Serviced apartment or similar for family quarantine?

Hi all, as I mentioned in another thread, my wife and daughters are planning to return to Taiwan over the summer. They need somewhere to stay, because my mother-in-law is over 65 and understandably doesn’t want to vacate her own apartment for two weeks.

The quarantine hotels look fine for single people or couples but would be tough for two small kids for two weeks. The obvious choice would be some kind of serviced apartment or Air B’n’B but it’s tricky:

  • Most neighbors won’t be keen on having quarantiners in their community
  • There has to be a way to get food deliveries and get trash taken away without leaving the apartment

Does anyone here have any thoughts? (Or a lead on an apartment somewhere?)

Thanks in advance.

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Uber Eats has option to leave food at your door. But this also depends on the building’s policies. In my building, the front desk would allow the delivery guy up and he would leave it at my door. I’d wait a few minutes and then open the door and pick up the food without setting foot outside the apartment.

The MOFA officer said he could provide a service for trash removal, but I was able to call the front desk of my building and arrange for them to pick up the trash for me (we have private trash removal for the building).

I doubt many neighbors would even know if someone was quarantined or not. And I don’t think people are that paranoid. So long as you stay in the apartment and follow the instructions 100% it should be fine.

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