Servicing a Used Car - Where?

I have a 1996 Ford Fiesta. (Stop laughing).

It leaks quite a bit of oil, the wheels are misaligned, timing is not as it should be, etc.

In short it needs a good service.

Can anyone recommend a reliable mechanic/shop to but the Fiesta back into my Siesta?



No laughing matter. I’ve got a little Festiva about the same age. Got it when the real car was stolen. It’s a good little drive around town but not fun on the highway.

Re front end. I’ve had the front end bushings and wheel bearings replaced on just the right side. Cost NT2,000

I’d rather have done both sides as the left must be on the way out if the right is gone. If yours has had actual servicing it could be okay. Mine was driven by a Taiwanese non maintenance type person and none of the grease points had received any grease. Rear bearings were completely dry.

Can’t help with where to go. This is all the way down at the armpit of Taiwan. Yang Mei.