Sesame Street stuffed animals

I’m looking for a particular Sesame Street character named Zoe. Being a 28-year-old single male with no kids, I don’t often find myself shopping for toys so I’m completely clueless as to where I might find this certain item.

I’d preferably like to to find the doll in Hsinchu. I’ve been to Toys 'R Us in Windance but they didn’t have any Sesame Street stuff. If I need to go to Taipei to get it, I certainly will.

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance.

IIRC there is/was a Sesame St theme store in Taipei’s Ximending, on the west side of either Xining or Kunming Streets. Sorry i can’t be more precise at the moment since it has been some time since I was last there. The way things change in Taipei, it may not even be there any more.
Maybe another Forumosan will remember better.