Setting an example... (net neutrality)


Netflix has 4K 0.0

movies or series? or both? Is it in abundance?


Not that much. Majority of their original content is in 4K (including most of the stand up specials). That’s about it. So the Marvel series, House of Cards (perhaps not the first season or two), Marco Polo, Black Mirrors. Breaking Bad is in 4K for the later seasons too. Also the original movies like The Babysitter, Gerald’s Game, 1922, War Machine are 4K.

Hopefully they get more in future. The real bitch is getting the 4K content to your TV. If your 4K TV has a Netflix app you should be okay, but if you want to use a game system or Apple TV or whatever, you specifically need the models that support 4K.




“However, even if the necessary 51 Senate votes are secured, the bill is unlikely to pass the Republican-majority house or be signed by President Donald Trump.”

Masterful strategy!


Maybe it is time to warm to the end of net neutrality. In an ironic “told you so” kind of way.

A deregulated internet allows for more room for privately lead political censorship. Say China was to buy a stake in Comcast or another huge ISP. They can take out all bad references to them. So much for DP taking a tough stance against them!