Setting Up a Book Club

Someone (Imani :slight_smile:) recommended setting up a book club at school to get free English books. I thought this was a good idea, so wrote it down and tackle that problem later. Later has arrived, and now I ask:

Does anyone else have a book club setup at their school?
If yes, how did you go about setting it up? What website/company do you use (if any?)

It seems like a really cool idea to me. Basically, you set yourself up to sell books to your students, and get free books based on a points system. I’m sure you’ve had at least one parent ask you for book recommendations, or where they could buy some. With this setup, you could sell them and get free books (or I suppose, if setup properly, one could get money :smiley:.)

I just tried getting setup on the scholastic page, but got stuck at the address part (it wasn’t setup for people registering from Taiwan.) I emailed support already and will post the solution when I get one.

Here’s there page about it: … /index.htm

A lot of the major publishing companies have distributorship contracts with companies here in Taiwan (Cave’s, Bookman’s, Lai Lai, etc). These agreements usually mean that they aren’t actually allowed to sell directly to people in Taiwan, but must go through the distributor. One of the reasons why book prices are so high, perhaps? If you are able to set up a club, I’d love to hear about it, as it could be a way of reducing the cost of books.

My school has had a Scholastic Book Club membership since at least I’ve been working here (five years now), actually longer considering their collection was already quite something when I started. I’m not sure how large the library is, but I would estimate it at thousands of volumes, including picture books, leveled reading books, children’s literature, books on CD and tape, CD-ROMs, and teaching resources. It works out so that when the students order books, the school earns points to purchase materials themselves. There are schools out there that also take advantage of this program. I can see why - the kids get authentic English reading materials at a low price and the school gets all kinds of materials for free.

My school has one too.

Scholastic’s bookclub is run locally, you can call their office to get more information.

I also have a bookclub that is ready-to-go, and I am an authorized Harcourt retailer, too. If you want more information about the bookclub, feel free to PM me, all going well it will be in action from next semester.

As large a company Scholastic is and as large a market Taiwan is, I had assumed there should be a local office. Why didn’t I think to look ealier.


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