Setting up a company

Would appreciate insight into setting up a consulting business in Taiwan. I understand that companies must be 50% owned by Taiwanese, so is incorporating as a Singapore company a simpler bet? Also, I have work permit/visa concerns. I currently have an ARC and work permit through a Taiwanese company. Is it best to attempt to maintain this with my current employer or can I easily obtain new certificates from a newly set up company?

If you want to set up a company, it’s not necessary to be 50twn/50.
It can be 100% on your own, just find an accountant to do the paperwork for you. But, you will need a place to register the office address and pay the regular monthly fee, which can be burden at the beginning of setting up a company.

My kind suggestion is that you can buy a fa-piao,you only need to pay 7%-9% of the turn over. There are a lot of people doing business matters this way.

I just set up a branch office of an international company here in Taipei. Most of the formalities were taken care of by my accounting company here.

Drop me a PM if you want further information.