Setting up a site with user id's and passwords

Hello Everyone,

I’m considering to do a site which will need to have each user sign up for their own ID and password. In addition, each user will have the capability to create their own postings, as well as have edit and delete capabilities. Also, if they receive a reply to their posting, I’d like the response to be forwarded directly to their e-mail account. Really don’t want to do a ‘forum’ type system such as the one used here or vBulletin. But rather something I could try to do from scratch and learn as I go along.

Any good sites online that explain how this is done?

If someone could just point in the direction I need to go to get some good answers or ideas, it would be wonderful.

Thanks very much.


Most of these kinds of web sites are written in PHP and use MySQL as their backend storage for passwords and postings. I’ve been using the book “Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL” to learn these subjects, though I’ve also heard good things about “Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL: From Novice to Professional”. Either one of these two books you can find a Tianlong books at 107 Chongqing South Road Section 1 or online at

It also might be easier to start with something like phpbb (the software forumosa uses) and add mods to get it to do what you want. It’s really not that hard to install phpbb and if you have programming experience and a php reference you can pick up modding it pretty quick. It already will send you email if a response is posted, but just links back to the new post. It probably wouldn’t be hard to mod it to send the post in email instead.

Yah, that’s what I’m doing @

I set up phpbb and modded it as I needed.

Still teething problems. But a lot easier and more flexible than reinventing the wheel…