Setting up limited company at Taiwan

Anyone have cheaper way to open limited compny at Taiwan ?
Any one have contact ?


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maybe this is not possible , you have to increase more budget.

How much need to increase?

No wei, Jose. JusRegal is stupid expensive.

You get what you pay for. He has a long track record of helping out foreign investors get settled here. He speaks English and offers a free initial consultation.

So you have any other contact?

What price are you looking at to set up a limited company here in Taiwan?

As a minimum capital required.only I need work permit and ARc for reason for open compny

You have any contact?
How much you can open?

No, the last I knew is you can open a company but it’s not sure you can get a work permit or ARC.
Setting up a company, getting a work permit and ARC are not directly related.


But I heard that 100% possibility issue work permit and ARC after foreighner open compny

No, opening a company and getting a residency are two different things, as the site in @wafflestop’s post clearly explains.

Criteria for work permit and ARC from your company are

  1. at least NTD500,000 in paid in capital in the first year.
  2. at least NTD3,000,000 turnover to keep your residency in the 2nd year
    There might also be a requirement to hire locals, but I’m not sure.

You still can open/own a smaller company without work permit and ARC.

The following Laws and sites might help to know how to open a business.

Statute For Investment By Foreign Nationals

Business Registration Act

Ministry of Economic Affaires, ROC

Overseas Chinese and Foreign Investment

You are right
But now I am not in Taiwan
I need to come Taiwan so how to I live without ARC and how to I work without work permit?
Thats why I am thinking to open compny

This info is very accurate. Setting up a biz and getting a work permit and then ARC are different things. I didn’t quite make the 3M requirement in the 1st year but got an order in Feb that pushed me over and also helped me ask for a waiver. I had to go through a special approval process for my work permit. Not fun but it did work.

Keep in mind that the 3M is gross and not profit. You could buy and sell something very expensive and that would qualify.

You also need to pay yourself at least the minimum for foreigners which is proven by the tax receipt. You pay your own health insurance. Labor insurance is not required for a sole proprieter.

You don’t have to hire a local.

I really want to be in my own business, but i’m no sure I would recommend doing all of this to be here. After you set up your biz, you need to file biz taxes, keep up with VAT. i’ve hired an accountant to do all of this for me because I would miss something important.


Thanks a lot for information

You WANT to come to and live in Taiwan, or you NEED? The two are somehow different.

Anyway, what you need is a recommendation of an English speaking accountant with cheaper charge?

I want to live Taiwan and want to do business in taiwan

Any other way for issue work permit and Make ARC?

I want to live in Taiwan and also want to do business in taiwan