Setting up Supermemo on Pocket PC

I tried a long time to find a good flashcard program, running on a pda and found supermemo quite interesting. Well, I have now a Pocket PC english version, CE-Star Program to write and read chinese and Supermemo. The problem what I have is that not all characters which I input are shown an the screen. Some of them appiers as a white box. Further I could not found out how to transfer word pairs from an excel sheet into the program. There online manual is really bad and the online help as well. Can someone help me. I have all words from “Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 1” in an excel sheet, if someoe is interested, just let me know.

Supermemo is popular with other posters on here. Try the forumosa search function. I’m sure you can find other threads about it, maybe one of them is helpful.