Settlers of Catan

Has anyone ever seen this board game on sale, or have any ideas where I could try (other than Eslite). … B000W7JWUA

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Page One? It’s called “卡坦島” in Chinese. “Board game” is “圖版遊戲” if that’s of any help.

More definite:

They look like they got some interesting games, like to give “Filipino Fruit Market” a try

Cool! Thanks!

If you can’t find it on ruten, it’s probably not available in Taiwan, and vice-versa :slight_smile:

This online shop sells it: … bd&x=0&y=0

A place called Witch House (女巫店) near Taida will often have it in stock:

台北市新生南路三段56巷7號 / No. 7, Lane 56, Xinsheng South Road, Sec. 3

They’ve got a moderate selection of games, but mostly with Chinese editions, which may or may not matter to you - and of course it depends on the game! Note that you can usually find English language versions of rules online, if the box only has, for example, German and Chinese. Witch House is still active - I was last there a month or two ago; I haven’t ordered from the online shop above.

A not-particularly-useful thread from the archive: … 7&start=20

And another one: … 82&t=79099

I’ve never seen Catan at Page One or eslite here.

Very minor point that you’re probably well aware of: Catan basically needs three people or more. Carcassonne is a good game for two.

EDIT: a thread on buying games in Taipei - it actually seems to have quite a bit of information: … -buy-games

That’s brilliant lostinasia. Thanks so much.

Caca City has tons of games. If they don’t have it on hand, they can get it.
They have a Shi Lin, Youth Park, NTU (TaiDa), NTNU (Shi Da) and San Chong store.

Many thanks Kaikai. I’ve got no excuse for not getting this game now!