Seven 5 week old puppies need homes (adoption or foster)

A friend and I have been feeding two strays in the park we spend our lunch hour everyday. The one got pregnant before we could catch her for CNR. She had the pups 5-6weeks ago, and she has been hiding them in a ‘nest/den’ that she made in the river bushes. Today when we got there to feed them - Mom was running up the road with some pups behind her…they were running in the road. I got the Mom to go back to the park, when I got there…big was my surprise, there were 8 of them. All healthy, playing with each other and goofing around. While we were trying to asses what to do, because this was a dangerous situation for the pups, they are strong and healthy enough to follow mom everywhere, the Government people from Neihu Shelter showed up. Those of you that now the shelters in Taiwan, knows that this is not a place you want a dog to go to. So with some smooth talking we convinced them not to take the pups, and that we will help the pups. Then we started with a five hour dog rescue, because they kept on running back to the den, which a human cannot enter. They are now at a very kind vet, but they need homes a.s.a.p. So if you are up for fostering or adopting a very cute pup, please help.
Photos will follow soon.

One kind man already took one of the pups…so that’s why there is only seven to go. :notworthy:

I’m not in Taiwan yet, so I can’t help, but you will be more likely to have success if you give a description of the parents so that people can get an idea of what the puppies look like and how big they are.

The mom is a medium size mix breed, about 15kg or less. (dad(s) is a mistery). She is not a big dog, that’s why I couldn’t believe that she had 8 pups, and they survived in mid-winter.

Here are some pics of some of the pups…

Is the mom still on the street?
Those pups look a bit young to be weaned.

We did not have a choice, as the pound people said they would come back the next day to take them, and they were in a dangerous situation - they were running around in the busy streets of Taipei. They are all healthy and can eat sollids.

They’re adorable. They’ll find homes for sure. Lucky wee things.

Awwwwww… they are so cute. I showed the pictures around the office today. If I get any bites, I’ll let you know.

Do you need any donations for food?

Thanks Tiare for spreading the word…I just need homes for them. They need love and care.
And yes, they are really cute.

Hi guys, I really need help - Chinese New Year is coming up and the vet needs the space for bording of dogs of clients. So the pups can not stay there. I have two old dogs that are not good with pups, so I can’t take them home. What to do? Please anybody out there that can help?

Could the dogs be taken somewhere and shown off? Like an adoption event or something? I know they’re young and shouldn’t be around too many dogs, but forcing people to look at those cute little faces may help them be charitable.

I’m planning on doing that, so I hope it will help. But there is an immediate problem of finding shelter for them now. So let’s hope there someone on formusa that can help out over Chinese New Year. They have to leave the vet by Friday Febraury 12th.



How big will these dogs get? I’d love to have one if he or she won’t be too big.
At this point, what training do they have (if any)?

XinBiDe, I sent you a pm.

Come and have a look! They are only 8 weeks old…smart and cute.

One more found a home, fingers crossed it will work out. Six to go…come on people…they need good houses permanent or foster…it’s wet and cold outside. :notworthy:

I’m doing my best to figure out if I am in fact allowed to have a pet in my apartment, and as soon as I know I’ll come by. I was going to come by today but when I found out the location of the holding area, I realized I was a good hour and a half away at that moment, and it was already like 3:30

There are still six of these cuties looking for love. Start the new year off with a fantastic wee pup!