Severance Pay-----Need Help!


Hello Everyone!

I have a question regarding “Severance Pay” here in Taiwan. Does anyone know what the standard amount of severance pay is when one is fired/laid off from work? One month’s salary? 1.5 months??

I was recently dismissed from my job and have no idea how I should go about to collect my back pay, severance pay, and unused holiday time. I am a foreign citizen and am married to an ROC woman. I was legally employed with a valid work visa.

Looking forward to all your helpful advice!


There are probably various legal twists and turns to this, but here’s the standard: One month of pay for each year of service, plus a pro-rated amount for additional months. I don’t think the usual health insurance &c. deductions are taken out from this amount.

So, if you worked for the company for two years and six months, you should receive 2.5 times your monthly wage.

Some companies, rather than give a thirty-day notice, will add on an extra month’s pay. But workers aren’t usually so lucky.

That’s for being laid off. I don’t know if there’s a difference if you get fired.