Severence/bonus pay

What is this like in Taiwan nowadays? I can remember seeing things like 30,000 NT or bonuses for attendance, etc. I’m just wondering if anyone has some experience with receiving end of contract bonuses and how much they are.

What’s the biggest bonus you’ve heard of?

Today I got my end-of-year severence pay (in Korea). One months’ pay, my regular pay, overtime pay, pension contributed by my boss, money for vacation days not taken (4 days), flight money because I didn’t fly home (continuing on without stopping with a new one-year contract, and money for a 2-week job I did at a big company in January.

Anyway, my severence was 2.2 million Won less 72,000 Won tax. 70,590 NT.

Altogether, I had 6.7 million Won deposited in my account tonight. 222,190 NT. All in one shot.

I love Korea. :banana: :yay: :beer:

No bonus for three years. Two of those years, I didn’t miss a day.


Thanks for sharing your winfall.