Sew-on flag patches

Hi all,

I’m looking for some flag patches for my jacket. I’ve got a few already that I bought from a store in Qijin (Kaohsiung) that are 7.5cm by 5.5cm. I need more of the same size for a few different countries. I was hoping there was a store in Taipei where I might be able to get them. Any ideas?


Not that I know of. I’ve looked but in vain.

Khao San Road in Bangkok is the place to get them.

I’d recommend keeping your TW passport and citizenship, especially if you plan on visiting China multiple times in the future… you will save a fortune in visa fees.

[quote=“Chris”]Not that I know of. I’ve looked but in vain.

Khao San Road in Bangkok is the place to get them.[/quote]

That’s a bit too far for my taste. As I said, I know of one store in Kaohsiung that has (or had) them. Next time I get down there, I’ll post the information.

Right. Wrong forum?

This has been discussed before. ShimenDin. go toward the police station at the main mall and stay to the left. About 1/2 block down is a flag store. I think most are paste on but i do recall seeing some sew on flags. (especially the 8 foot by 10 foot Taiwan flag that is perfect for that trip to China. (RIP)

BTW, it whacks me out that the Chinese deplane and immediately start waving their flags. Where is Guido when we need him.

A side note, A couple years ago, I took my banjo to China and it had a paste on small Taiwan flag. Immigration scraped it off and damaged my case. Don’t even think of complaining. I just bought a new and bigger one when I got home.

This has me pondering a united Taiwan protest with thousands of Taiwan flags to wave as the China flights land. In other words, take your cheap, poisonous shit and go home. Ya! I know! Probably got a suspension or ban for being racist.