Sewing/art craft supples

I am looking for empty wooden thread spools for art ptoject for kids. Where can I find them?

Dihua street has a fabric market. They have all kinds of those stuff.

Wooden? This is 2024. Good luck

Yeah, I think pretty much everything will be plastic or cardboard nowadays? Maybe would need to buy wooden ones on Shopee or whatever.

I never seen wooden spools in Taiwan unless you count those really large ones for utility cables. Seeing how everything’s plastic in Taiwan, it’s likely spools will all be plastic.

Plenty to be found online, would ( :grinning:) imagine arts and crafts shops would also have them.

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Even Amazon 300 Pack Mini Unfinished Wood Spools Natural Wooden Barrel Shaped Spools for Crafts (5/8x1/2 in)

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I stand corrected. Glad I’m wrong.

Corking. Is that a thing? We used to use them for corking. Four tacks in the top.