Sewing/craft shop in Taipei?

Hi, I’m looking for a shop that sells fabric, sewing/knitting supplies etc. NOT the fabric market in yonghe since that is basically JUST fabric, for industrial needs or something. What I’m looking for is more of a hobby shop (selling individual buttons, zips, squares of felt, crochet hooks, etc). Anything like that in Taipei? (They’re ten a penny in the UK…)

They’re around. Department stores have little shops near the toy area usually. Chengpin has them.There are bigger shops here and there. biggest cluster is behind Taipei Station. This one is pretty big:

Oh, and the bigger stationary stores usually near night markets often have a fair bit.

Near Zhongxiao Xinsheng station exit 3 has a sewing shop…but looks quite ‘crafty’ and not a lot of fabrics. Not sure if the have buttons or zips.

tel (from google): 02 2740 9796

The fabric market over by Dihua should check all your boxes.